Fresh Builds Daily

07 Dec 2021 13:19 UTC-08:00

One of the challenges faced with faced with static site generation is not having to be on top of things. When Conduit releases, if I would like my website to update, this would require me to run a script to rebuild my site1.

Yesterday I took a look at my GitHub action for triggering [render engine] to run. I was surprised to see a handful of issues that had been keeping it from running as expected for almost a year!

This didn't run for 12 months

After fixing what was out dated code, I added the cron build step to my Github action.

   - cron: "0 8,12,16,20 * * *" 

This gave me the ability to run my script 4x each day. Also after fixing an issue with my folder not overwriting (still not sure as to why but this Remove Folder action did solve the issue) this mean that I would have a clean build of my site every four hours, fixing a duplication issue that I'm still unsure of why it's happening.

I'm not happy that I have some bugs that aren't solved but I am happy that I have a nice little fix to make sure that my site is always within 4 hours of being up to day with what I'm doing.

  1. The script actually pulls the latest episode from our rss feed