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Overtired \#278 Link Breakdown

Mar 29, 2022 18:50 PM

Okay here's the Breakdown on my favorite episode of @ovrtrd so far. ๐Ÿงต

Brett's Takes on BeeGees (I mean he's not wrong) ๐Ÿ™ƒ

๐ŸŸ I want to like fish but I agree with @film_gurl especially since I struggle Fish shell halp for Fish

.@Fig - I'm really enjoying fig.io but I have a few plugins that I are redundant. I need to go through my system and start the great culling again.I really want to play with this more

Doing - Y'all know I love most of @ttscoffs tool and doing is becoming something that I try to remind myself to do more of. At the moment I'm still trying to figure out how to integrate with timing so I don't have to log it myself. That said doing is dope and I'm hoping to use it more.

TailScale - This was new for me. I love the idea. I wonder how it compares to ngrok. I don't think I have a need for it but I also think is the kind of tech you don't need until you need and then it's too late.

Jeffโ€™s First Tweet in 300+ days: ๐Ÿ“ท

Amazing and poignant article about a Torah trainer app and its legacy. I'm happy that things like repo-ownership can help prevent this. Sadly, I don't know who I would pass my code off to ๐Ÿ™ƒ.

Anish Athalye - The link is broken in the shownotes * dotbot - I need to think about how to do this. * Seashells - I don't know how I would use this. * Periscope - Downloaded! * Lumen - Downloaded! https://www.anishathalye.com/projects

Christopher Groskopf - Following on GH now! CSVKit - This is cool and definitely helpful if it can handle the most ridiculous of csv files. Bad Data Guide - Added to reading list and hook!

Kaleidoscope - I keep seeing this and I haven't gotten it yet. I don't think I need this but I'll know when I do (kinda like TailScale)

BetterTouchTool - An Amazing Tool that is always one of the first things installed on the new machine!