May 2020 - Monthly Catchup

May 25, 2020 23:40 PM

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Monthly Catchup

Speaking of Ketchup, here are some Artisan Ketchup Ideas.

Productivity in Tech Podcast

This month on the [PIT Podcast] I interviewed my good internet friend Christina Morrillo.

pit podcast

The Biz

Business has been good. I'll be talking about this in my [premium newsletter] where I break down how I run my business, the workflows the code, the everything (but the clients).


"In these Troubled Times" 🤮

Just Kidding. Times are Tough. It's been tough for me as well. I found out my mother had COVID-19. She has since recovered. That's all I'll say about that.

I've been on the day job working from home. For those that don't know, my immune system is compromised from my time in the Marines. That said I cough enough to scare people into staying clear of me. I think that is going to be coming to an end soon, although I feel like I've been more productive since.

This Month, I purchased DevonThink. I don't love or hate using it, which gives me a confident feeling that I'll use it as a tool and not fiddle with it all that much. My current strategy is to just add things to it and then clean it up once a week/month/haven't really decided yet. I've also looked at some of the other DevonTechnologies Tools. I will have some quick thoughts maybe released as a blog post in the near future. I was even able to convince my friends on the [TekTok Podcast] to join me on it.




Render Engine

  • Made a few changes to clean up URL's. This was because once upon a time I would add links to my PIT Podcast titles to my [personal blog]
  • Fixed my RSS Feeds (Finally). They did change so if you are interested you can subscribe to them here or on my website.
  • Support for Categories and Tags


I launched Transcriptor this past month. Check out the [announcement post], to learn more.


Episode-DL is just a little utility that I added to PyPI because I tend to need to download mp3's from RSS feeds all the time. This isn't some ground breaking tool and really just has three functions. All in all, this was just a way for me to remember how I do something that I don't have to do all the time, but I do enough that this helped.

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