Jay Miller

Conference Spaces, Calls for Maintainers, and a New Packaging Survey - PCN 2 Sept 2022

: This week we're covering: The @DjangoCon Twitter Space, @ThePSF Packaging Survey, Maintainers directly asking for help, and Upcoming CFPs and Conferences.🔗


- DjangoCon Announces Weekly Twitter Spaces, Virtual Only Talks, and their COVID Policy
- Python Packaging Survey
- Starlite looking for Maintainers and Contributors

Keynote: Improving Contributor Experience & Broadening Contributor Scope - EuroPython 2022

Open CFPs and Upcoming Conferences

CFPs Open

- PyCon PL

- PyJamas


- PyConUK

Intro: 0:00
DjangoCon US Covid Policies: 1:28
DjangoCon US Virtual Talks: 4:22
Twitter Spaces and gathering conference feedback: 10:07
PyPA Survey: 17:21
Starlite looking for maintainers: 27:33
Conference Lightning Round: 55:23
Contributing to Python Community News and Outro: 58:21