Jay Miller

Meta-Verse Programming? What Connect and Ignite mean for Python Professionals

: Meta and Microsoft had two events where AI and metaverse were the prominent topics. Jon and Jay chat about what all that chatter will mean for Python devs.🔗

Python Community News Meta-Updates

Python Community News has several meta updates to share:
- Python Community News is a Community Sponsor for DjangoCon US this year.
- We now have a dedicated YouTube channel where our videos will be hosted and future live streams will take place.
- You can now follow PyCommunityNews on Twitter for live stream announcements and other updates about the show.
- The source code and topic repositories have moved to a new GitHub organization at https://github.com/Python-Community-News.

Python Developers Survey 2022 Now Open

White House announces Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights

Meta Announces Meta Quest Pro and Integrations with Teams and Zoom

Microsoft Ignite Announces GPT3 Integrations, Azure Postgres Support in Cosmos DB