Jay Miller

Python 3.11 is Out, Public Health News and New Systems and PoC Exploits! - 28 October 2022



Python 3.11 has been released
Microsoft Announces New Dev Kits using ARM64
Disclaimer: Jay, one of the shows hosts, works for Microsoft

Last call for Hacktoberfest contributions
PyCon US Announces New Health and Safety Guidelines for PyCon US 2023

DjangoCon US Code of Conduct Transparency Report
Public Health Pledge website launched
Thousands of GitHub repositories deliver fake PoC exploits with malware

Intro 00:00:00
Python 3.11 is Out! 00:00:27
Windows Dev Kit 00:04:52
Hacktoberfest 00:06:55
Health and Safety at Conferences 00:13:22
OrganizerChats.org 00:58:56
Proof of Concept Malware Found 01:00:23
Conferences 01:02:38
Outro 01:03:51

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