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TEKTOK Podcast - EP073 - I Have a Subscription for That

🔗 Mar 17, 2020 20:55 PM

Category: TekTok

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode: 73

Date: 03/16/20

Hosts: Colin Gold, Clay Russell, Jay Miller & Justin Klein 

TEK Topics

•  Colin: URL Schemes, Shortcuts & Keyboard Maestro

•  How does it all work?

•  Clay: Downtime

•  How are you spending it?

•   Jay: Remote Work

•  Does your company have it?

•  What tools are integral in getting things done at home?

•   Justin: The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

•  With all the recent closures of schools, sporting events, Disney World/Land, etc., I wanted to get everyone’s thoughts about it. Is technology helping us or hurting us in this situation? Also, have you stopped drinking Corona (the beer)?!?

Sweet & Sour TEK

•  Colin: Net-News Wire

•  Clay: Launch Center Pro tweaks

•  Jay: Button Shortcuts

•  Justin: Nomad Steel Band

How to Reach Us

Where you can reach the TEKTOK gang

•  Colin -  @colingold 

•  Clay -  @clayrussell  

•  Jay - @kjaymiller

•  Justin @just_klein99

In Closing

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