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TEKTOK Podcast - EP081 - Paperless & Imperfect

🔗 Oct 27, 2020 13:35 PM

Category: TekTok

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode: 81

Date: 10/26/20

Hosts: Colin Gold, Jay Miller & Clay Russell

TEK Topics

  • Colin: Are you Paperless? How do you Maintain? How Often? Any worries?

  • Jay: What fidgeting project has taken you outside of your comfort zone

  • Clay: What app have your recently discovered that really impacted you?

Sweet & Sour TEK

  • Colin: Kindle Fire: 

  • Jay: 11” ipad magic keyboard (SOUR)

  • Clay: Apollo

How to Reach Us

Where you can reach the TEKTOK gang

  • Colin - @colingold

  • Jay - @kjaymiller

  • Clay - @clayrussell 

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