TEKTOK Podcast - EP082 - Something Shiny, Something New, Something Basic, Something True

🔗 Jan 19, 2021 15:21 PM

Category: TekTok

TEKTOK Show Notes

Episode: 82

Date: 01/18/21

Hosts: Colin Gold, Jay Miller & Clay Russell

TEK Topics

    •  Colin: Shiny new object syndrome and a better mouse trap. 

    •  Jay: Why/How do you clean your workspaces (Physical and Digital)

      • Just got a standing desk, new book shelf and prep-stand for my coffee

      • resulted if an ADHD cleaning session that lasted two weeks.

      • object permanence

    •  Clay: Limited number tools with multiple features or limitless tools with specialized features?

      • What is your dream productivity setup?

      • What are the key tools you use now?

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