About Jay Miller

Hey Y'all I'm Jay.

My first name begins with K but we don't really talk much about that. I've always gone by Jay (Except for in my military days and shortly after) and I will probably always go by Jay. Enough about that...

I'm a Multipotentialite

What is a multipotentialite?

In short, think of me as a renaissance artist.

I've pursued knowledge around many things include:

These go beyond hobbies in that I've done some form of professional work in all of these, taking many principles from each and applying them in unique ways.


I grew up in Tennessee, moving to Georgia as a teenager. My family grew up fishing, bowling, and enjoying Tennessee Sports. My grandfather allowed me to learn about computing on his gateway 2000 PC. He also showed me my favorite video game of all time, Tetris.

After high school, I joined the United States Marine Corps and spent most of my days deployed across southeast Asia. There, I grew a love for understanding people and how their culture shapes their design, fashion, architecture and art.

In 2014 I started podcasting with the The PIT Show. That eventually grew into a business where I work with developer creators to make content around their brand. That show eventually evolved into Conduit, my show on Relay.fm.

In 2020 (that terrible decade we called a year) I had the privilege of moving into Developer Advocacy. I now work for Elastic where I build awesome things and I love giving talks about them.

These days I've settle in Sunny (Most of the Time) San Diego, California where I (along with my wonderful wife) raise our little J (literally her name is Jae pronouced like my name), along with our two dogs (Alice, and The Loris) and our Cat Boss, Peanut Butter.

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