About Jay Miller

Sup Y'all. I'm Jay (They/Them) and here is a little bit about me.

I'm a Pythonista

I've been writing Python for years. Mostly, I've worked with web frameworks (I've even built my own static site generator in Python). I chose Python because the community was so welcoming. Now I'm work as someone who helps build community for Pythonistas.

In 2023 I started Black Python Devs to help build community for Black Pythonistas.

I'm a Multipotentialite and Developer Advocate

What is a multipotentialite?

In short, think of me as a renaissance artist.

I've pursued knowledge around many things include:

These go beyond hobbies in that I've done some form of professional work in all of these, taking many principles from each and applying them in unique ways.

This evolved into a career into developer relations (That link doesn't work because no one knows what developer relations is, but I'm working on it).

You may find me speaking at conferences, writing blog posts, or creating videos. I'm also a big fan of streaming and podcasting.


I've been podcasting for over a decade! I'm one of the hosts of Conduit, on Relay.fm. It's a show that focuses on accountability and realistic expectations for being productive.

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