Add Code of Conduct VS Code Extension now has options!

19 Aug 2022 12:00 UTC-08:00

The first update to my VS Code extension Add Code of Conduct is now available!

In this update, we added the ability to choose between two commonly used Codes of Conduct:

gif of the step through process adding a CoC

This opens the door to adding several options.

This also begins the conversation around what other files should be added by default and how to add them. Speaking with my wonderful colleage, Sarah, I feel the right thing to do is to replicat this process for all of the files I think should be a standard in making open source accessible to everyone.

That said, this extension will only handle code of conducts but there is still much to be done, like adding more options and providing a way to add defaults.

I give a few shoutouts on the changelog so check that out.