Announcing Transcriptor

25 May 2020 22:32 UTC-07:00

This was the launch month for [Transcriptor]. This is a helper package that I use for doing transcriptions for PIT Clients.

Transcriptions can be accomplished in a plethora of ways, but in order to do it, you need to have a good idea of how to work with the results from your transcription engine. While I usually use Amazon Transcribe, I have used Google Could Services Speech to Text and I would love to look into the Microsoft Azure and Wit.Ai. All of these systems use their own schema for your task and your results.

The goal of transcriptor is to create a single Job object that is responsible (currently) for handling the results in a consistent object-oriented way. By using it, I've been able to create some clarity in my coding projects for folks and reduced the amount of copying and pasting across the board.


  • Can you use it? At your own risk, sure.
  • Is it documented? Not Yet
  • Is it stable? I wouldn't say that...
  • Is it open source? Of course it is!
  • Am I accepting contributions

I am accepting testing and documentation PRs, I'm also looking at incoming issues and If you have a fix (Not a Feature Request), I will accept after testing and reviews.