Awkward End-to-End Testing with Playwright

13 Jun 2024 01:15 UTC-04:00

Below is a the information for my presentation at RenderATL 2024

Testing your project is easy right?

Maybe if you own all the components or if you have a testing team to make sure everything is acting the way it should. Sadly end-to-end testing is full of pitfalls and things to think about, especially when you don't control the entire stack. Often you end up with awkward conversations with engineering, marketing and others as you all fight for space to get your message across.

Enter Playwright, the open-source testing platform, to help us test what we control and what we don't. This talk will walk through testing your site End-to-End with playwright. We'll address the highlights, concerns and next steps when you need to test things that may or may not be in your control. It won't solve all your testing problems but it will help you identify when you need to have those awkward conversations early before they're with your users.

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