Can we fix this?

01 Jun 2020 08:17 UTC-07:00

I have been mostly silent in this time, mostly as I needed time to think about what I would like to see come out of all this.

How to Fix Racism

Racism is all over the world. Some places still believe in structural genocide. We are not saying that we are the only ones. We are just saying that for too long we've been told one thing which is not true. That we are considered equal by those in power.

I don't think that people can be systemically hindered for generations and become equal in about 75 years without radical assistance from those in power. Instead, through the aggressive policing, racist legislature, and unjust punishment those that have can keep theirs and those without are never able to gain any amount of legitimate growth.

Force the sharing of wealth, give more opportunity to those that are disadvantaged. If you are already doing this, good, do more. The richest person of color in America is about 148 on the list of top 200 and he's the only one. Black people don't even have a seat at the table.

If you complain that they didn't do anything to earn their wealth, most likely (considering wealth is usually generational), I would argue the same goes for you.

On Rioting

In my lifetime I have been caught stealing. Simply put a white male some years my senior, broke into my house and my truck and stole from me. Furthermore, my landlord, amid nasty divorce chose to evict me from my apartment due to water damage from HIS FAULTY AC UNIT that I had asked to be repaired. He cited my broken stove (which was broken when I moved in) and the fact that I had (with his permission) painted the walls with chalk paint and had decorated it with friends as the reason. I decided to get my things back but instead of from them, I took them from the Walton Family (WALMART). I was arrested for shoplifting at the age of 17 for stealing a pair of gloves and some chapstick. I was put in a cop car over a pair of gloves and some chapstick.

Meanwhile in Africa, where Western Education would tell you they are underdeveloped, uneducated and rely on our benevolence to survive which is simply untrue, you have pioneers and innovators that are making a difference in their local communities and in the world, many of these are women-led, like the Nation of Rwanda who has shortened the gender wage and job gap through strict government oversight after the crisis left many of their young men dead.

It took massive amounts of violence to finally spark change. Our country is founded on this notion. We did not get what we want so we stole, and we murdered until we got it.

We did this to the first peoples, we did it to the British, we did it to ourselves (see civil war).

Now when we do it and we are labeled terrorists and have the leaders of our nation call us Terrorists.

While I choose not to destroy the things that some have worked to build and maintain. I do not blame those that choose to. They are merely copying the example that has been set before them but the founders of our nation and those that murdered and looted us for years in white hoods and police badges while the rest of society looked away.

In regards to a racist system, it will be hard to say anything that people who have the potential to make a difference will respond to. So I'll just layout my wishes:

  • A federal mandate towards more stringent investigations when unarmed suspects are gunned down
  • More racial and gender diversity in police forces
  • Mandatory implicit bias checks and training
  • Harsher penalties for body cams not being properly charged or on when making an arrest.
  • The elimination of the stand your ground and citizens arrest laws

These ideas are mostly from conversations with folks that have asked me how they can best help. If you want to help, be an advocate and ally for those that can't advocate for themselves. Stand up for those that can't afford to stand up for themselves. Punish those that punish unjustly. And be willing to listen when we do speak up.