Changes for PIT and New Projects on the Horizon

31 Oct 2020 02:10 UTC

If you want to know the changes coming up, then listen to this.

Now here's the scoop.

The PIT Podcast will be winding down. I will be releasing the remaining interviews in their raw format with the aftershow's included.

I will be starting an audio newsletter that will be premium only, meaning you will need to pay for the audio version which will include interviews. More on that in the future as I'm trying to get the logistics of that ironed out.

I'm working on a potential book or a really long blog post.

My blog will get a little more buckshot. This means that I will be talking about a bunch of things.

The newsletter will be more valuable as it will have a recap of all the things I'm working on. Please subscribe.

My future in podcasting will be limited run shows...And maybe a show with a friend Still working on things there but safe to say new projects will be limited run seasons with other things around them.

Taking a break with new clients for PIT. I need time to focus on my health and happiness and some of the projects that I'm working on. I will continue to make things that I want to make, but I won't be taking new clients at the moment.