Create a Custom Query in the GitHub Issues Client

26 Apr 2023 17:04 UTC-07:00

Did you know that you can create a custom query for your GitHub issues and PRs?

The GitHub Issues and Pull Requests extension allows you to interact with issues and PRs. While hovering over the "My Issues" label I noticed an edit marker with "Edit Query" in the tooltip.

GitHub Issues and Pull Requests

When I clicked the icon, I noticed there was a list of queries that matched the entries. I figured I could create a custom entry so I did one for my current milestone.

"githubIssues.queries" : [
      "label": "Milestone",
      "query": "milestone:2023.5.x state:open repo:${owner}/${repository} sort:created-desc"
    ... # The other queries

After entering the query, I immediately saw a new panel labelled Milestone with all the issues in that milestone.