Don't Ban Companies, Change the Rules

12 Aug 2020 07:18 UTC-07:00

The allegations of abuse from Tik Tok and WeChat stem from features that data made accessible by other app developers. These Examples include:

  • Allowing third-party access to friend data
  • Allowing connection between users in support requests
  • Providing device and network tracking information

This makes me upset that these companies are playing by the rules but getting punished for it.

Like Tim Cook told Congress at the latest hearing. "If you don't like how we're doing things, change the rules."

I look forward to the investigation that will show that there are companies all over the world that are doing the same thing with the data that Facebook and other social media companies with "Login With..." functionality.

My Suggested Action

Make it illegal for companies to sell your data to third-parties

I understand that network and location-based data is pushing current app innovation. It allows for things like Uber and Yelp to work. I do think that this information should not be available outside of the company.

Why Won't They Do This?

This will make it possible to surface ads based on information without selling that information.

It also creates a level of protection from our government1. Our information would only pass to surveillance organizations from companies with a court order.

That is why this would never happen.

Governments are trying to pass laws forcing backdoors into their encryption. No government wants to give up the right to spy on folks.

In Short, America wants to spy on you. They just don't want others to do the same. 🙃

  1. If not clear, I'm in the US.