How to Not 🌋 your Project

28 Jan 2021 17:00 UTC-08:00

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Volcano - Take a small issue in git and have it erupt into a massive issue.

Example 1

How to solve this problem


If you pushed to github.

Sorry gonna have to delete that repo in GH. To really clean the history.


If you didn't...

rm -rf .git
git init

Example 2

via @anthonypjshaw

git rebase -i

commit hash before the one you want to drop

Preventative Measures


git commit <filenames> -m 'update to specific piece of code'

Bonus Points to IDEs - Tower - GitHub - PyCharm - VSCode

Before Doing Anything ⚠️

git template or git script

npx gitignore python
echo .envrc >> .gitignore
echo node_modules >> .gitignore
echo *.json *.csv >> .gitignore

No git add .

git status before you git wrecked