Elasticsearch Pinboard Script (Python)

21 Oct 2020 18:51 UTC-07:00

Source: https://github.com/kjaymiller/elasticsearch-pinboard 🔗

In this new gig, I'm hoping to learn how to help those that are using the Elastic Stack, especially in Python. In a recent conversation with internet's mad scientist, Brett Terpstra. We were talking about Slogger, his retired application that he used to log his life activity into Day One. This project was eventually removed as the API for Day One changed.

This is something I've always enjoyed about Brett. He solves his quirky problems for him.

There are a few applications that are overkill or a little too creepy (exist.io) for my needs, but I did like the idea of getting an idea of "how I compute". I mean this by how I spend my time producing and collecting on the internet. One of the things that I do is collect all my twitter posts and likes and retweets in pinboard. I thought it would be great to use Pinboard's API to log and manage my own data and analyze it using the Elastic Stack. So I decided to build a script that allows me (and you if you wanna) to visualize my information.

Word Cloud

As with most of my projects I have built this in Python and it's not a commercial tool, but it is open-source and available for you to build and hack away on.

I hope you'll check it out - https://github.com/kjaymiller/elasticsearch-pinboard