Generate QR Codes Using PopClip and Shortcuts

25 Feb 2022 22:10 UTC-08:00

Source: 🔗

While checking email I saw there was a new popclip forum post1 where OP was asking for a snippet that generated a qr code...

I did that thing where I started typing before my brain could stop me.

"If you're using Montery you can run a shortcut to do this." I know that because I have a shortcut that does it.

QR Code Shortcut

Also, popclip extension snippets support shortcuts.

# popclip Generate QR Code
name:  QR
requirements: [url]
icon: square q 
shortcut name: QR Code

Here is a quick demo of it working...

Also I talk about a bunch of different things you can do with Popclip extension snippets in this video.

  1. Yes I get forum notifications via email but only the ones I really like. 😉