I'm not running for the PSF Board this year, but maybe you should

01 Jun 2023 15:04 UTC

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) is one of the most important organizations in the Python community. They are responsible for a lot of things including hosting PyCon US, the largest event for Python developers in the world and providing a team to ensure stability in the Python ecosystem for years to come.

Every year the PSF elects board members to serve as volunteer leaders in the community. In 2022 there were a record number of folks that ran and I was one of them. I ran on a platform of increasing support for local communities dedicated to diversity needs in their geographic region.

Unfortunately, I was not one of the 3 new members selected.

It's that time of year again for PSF Board Nominations

I've made the decision to not run for the PSF this year and I'll explain why shortly but my hope is that you can use my reasoning to evaluate whether or not you should run. I also hope that someone from the PSF will read this and provide more reasons why maybe someone like me should run.

Reason 1: My time is extremely limited

There is a regular commitment to attend PSF board meetings. This year my wife and I are planning a move across the country which means that the next several months will be filled with lots of unknowns.

I've also felt like I have too many things professionally happening. This leaves my mind somewhat scattered and also puts a large burden on my family and forces me to miss many small but impactful moments in my child's early life. Until I can set some things down, it wouldn't be great for me to pick new things up.

Reason 2: I'm contributing to the Python and Tech Communities in New Ways

On that whole, too many things problem. I'm loving the work that I'm doing at the moment that contributes to the Python community. I recently created a new discord for Black Pythonistas Worldwide. I also support my local community, San Diego Python, and want to make more content for both work, Python Community News, and my personal channels that will create resources for Python and the greater tech community. All of this work makes me more than qualified to be a contributing PSF member (and I also donate to the PSF financially). I'm also a DSF member and want to spend time learning more about how I can contribute as a member to both of these organizations in greater reach the best way that I can.

Reason 3: I'm not entirely sure how I would contribute to the PSF at this time

My Python Community News cohost Jon is intending on running (and you should absolutely vote for him). I'm not avoiding running because he is (although there is some level of ensuring that we can provide unbiased content), but I marvel at the focus and dedication that he is running under. I also know of others that would be excellent directors with plans that will have great impact.

Personally, I just want to help out where I can, I'm sure that I would do fine as a board member but I would rather someone with a better direction and goal for the community run and win.

Now that I've explained myself for not running (not that I had to). Here's why you should possibly A.) Run for the Board and definitely B.) Vote

You should consider running for the board if

  • You love the Python community and have time to dedicate to continuing to support it but at a higher level.
  • You have been contributing to the community locally and want to expand that reach to a higher level.
  • You have some ideas that would benefit the community in a great way.

You can also get involved by

  • Signing up to work with a workgroup
  • Get involved with your local Python User Groups (in person or virtual)
  • Volunteer with a local conference

You should at minimum vote in the board election

You can be a voting member by financially supporting the PSF for a minimum $100 annually. There is also a sliding scale that you can pay what you want (starting at $25) that also gives you voting rights.

If you are doing any of the things above, you likely qualify as a managing & contributing member. If you contribute at least 5 hours a month you can vote based on this membership tier.

To register as a voting member visit the PSF Website. You must register by June 15th to vote in the 2023 election.

I hope to consider running again in the future, but I hope in the meantime, I can encourage someone out there to also run.