Introducing DiversityOrgs.Tech

25 Jan 2021 14:37 UTC-08:00

Okay Time to Share something I've been working on for the last month. Introducing

I wanted to build something that did a few things.

  1. Created a place where underrepresented folks in tech could find groups that wanted to represent them.
  2. Create a resource for new underrepresented folks and allies could learn how to get connected.
  3. Build something fun and simple with technology that I haven't played around with too much. does all these things.

To use it, simply search. You can search for things like:

  • your city, state, territory, or region
  • the group in which you identify with (or wish to support)
  • A technology, focus or stack

I don't do anything like require user accounts. There's no cookies, trackers and I have none of your information, nor do I want it. There's no need for that. This site is pretty lightweight and free.

It's just the beginning so there are only about 150 organizations that have been added (most around the python space because that's where I operate).

I desperately want to add more orgs to this and create some interesting features. That said it's easy to add organizations, but not always easy to find. If you represent an organization and would like it added to this. Please:

A. Message/DM me on twitter B. Use this link to submit your org through the app -