Introducing Super Conductor

26 Jan 2023 10:15 UTC-08:00

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Today is the official launch of Conduit's Membership Show - Super Conductor.

Super Conductor

We wanted to do something different so one top of all the normal benefits people get we decided to give you MORE!

Along with extra content from the Pre/Post show and an Ad-free feed, members will also receive a bi-weekly invite to co-work with the Kathy and myself.

That coworking session is great for folks that need body doubling, have questions about tools and techniques we use, OR just to have an hour dedicated to DOING THE THING YOU'VE BEEN PUTTING OFF.

There won't be a set agenda and it won't be recorded so you can dive in with us and get down to work.

I've benefitted a lot from having others there with me to add the extra little push to get things finished. This has been an invaluable tool for me (someone with ADHD and can easily get side-quested).

To become a super conductor, you have to believe in yourself. Type "" in your browser and join today!