Introducing the TIRE Method

25 Feb 2022 23:24 UTC-08:00

Decisions are hard. There are many different factors, and the weight of a decision may not be realized after you commit.

While many productivity systems help with this, most of them are absolutes. "If it's not this then the answer is NO". My assumption is folks that can operate in these absolutes have much more control in their lives and decisions than most.

Introducing the TIRE Method

Formed in Conduit Episode 9 Decision Space, it was created while explaining the space around needing to make well thought out decisions. Looking at the words I was using made for the easy acronym.

  • Time
  • Intuition
  • Resources
  • Energy1

Use It Out Loud

The idea of tire is to have words easily at your disposal in the process and justification of your decisions.

"I don't have time at the moment"...

"My intuition is that ..."

"At the moment, I don't have the resources to do THING to the best of my ability"

"My energy after THING doesn't make this feel like a good idea."

Use it as a Qualifier

As you can identify why you can't say yes. That conversely means you now have the ingredients that can turn your "No" into a "Maybe"2.

This isn't an absolute, it's a guide. If you can reclaim energy or your concerns (intuition) are addressed, the conversation can be re-opened.

More Analogies

Acronym aside, there are many different analogies you can use when you think around a tire.

"You have to keep your tires inflated/you need to check your air pressure from time to time"

"Tires can flatten out of nowhere"

"You don't drive on your spare as you do on your regular tires"

"Different Tires can Handle Roads/Trails differently"

I hope this tool can help you in your endless journey of practicing decision making.

feature image: by Dids from Pexels

  1. The "E" made since but wasn't originally included... The TIR or RIT method wasn't as catchy. 

  2. I'm not the biggest fan of "It's a Yes or No"