5 People That Made My 2021 📈

17 Dec 2021 08:14 UTC-08:00

Normally awards like this are reserved for the very last post of the year, but as I'm hoping to fulfill my commitment on Conduit and try not to work on my time off1.

Last year I did the Jay-sies as a way to highlight some people in my life that have really impacted and encouraged me. My goal is to showcase 5 friends and let them know how amazing they are!

These are not in any order because I don't rank my friends.

Jeff Triplett

Jeff Triplett

I was surprised that Jeff wasn't on my list last year. I owe my job to him2. Jeff has been consistently awesome so I'm going to give him the nod this year for sure!

When I moved into tech, there were a lot of things I didn't know. Jeff is my advisor in many ways. He is also my late night coding buddy, a sharer of many new tools and someone that entertains all of my crazy thoughts and works to turn them into minimum viable ideas3.

Kathy Campbell

Kathy Campbell

The Homie! The partner in crime. The person other than my spouse that puts up with the most 💩 from me!

Kathy and I started Conduit this year and it's been a blast getting to know her better. She inspires me to improve my community management skills (and my writing skills 😉). Kathy, I can truly say you have helped make dreams come true for me! Thank you for that.

Also, don't let her know that she's a total badass and is going to continue to grow in the space and I'm so jealous at times!

Scotty Jackson

Scotty Jackson

The pattern of people that I talk to on a regular basis continues! Scotty and I talk almost daily and share in our journey of productivity!

When I started talking about productivity on the internet I hoped I could have amazing conversations with people that pushed me to be more productive! Scotty is the embodiment of the person I imagined having regular conversations with.


Kelly Guimont

Kelly Guimont

Kelly is my reality check in many ways! She is someone that I looked at as a podcaster and thought, "Wow! It would be great to work with someone like that and produce regular amazing content!". Nowadays, I build and help build automations for Kelly and help her produce that regular amazing content!

Kelly thank you for the ideas on home automation! Helping me develop my explaining skills and always knowing about the new hotness in apple accessory gadgets.

Blue Sky Dragon

No Image in Respect to Privacy

Oh Sky.....

I hope Sky knows how amazing they are. Listening to their fascination with math[s] and their inquisitiveness and fascination with many of the things I enjoy as well. Their show Find My Dragon quickly became one of my favorite new shows in 2021.

I wanted to add Sky because the journey is just begining for them. They are someone that I am intrigued by in many ways. I would love to do a Rec Diffs-style show with them one day in the future!

Honorable Mentions

These folks were close but I didn't add for personal reasons. They could be added in the future.

  1. I don't consider this technically work but still... 

  2. And some others that were and weren't mentioned last year. 

  3. That needs to be a blog post