I Can't Be the Only One Seeing This

05 Mar 2020 13:58 UTC-08:00

What are people yelling about?

I scrolled through a twitter thread about asking people to give a side by side comparison of candidate x and candidate y in regarding how their policy affected underrepresented groups.

The responses were:

  • people praising the OP for their bravery
  • people shouting "What about candidate z?"
  • people talking about what candidate x/y did NOT do
  • People posting out of context quotes and pictures furthering their own agenda

The fear I have is, for all I know someone was genuinely hoping to learn, and instead was shouted at. In the end NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE WAS PROVIDED.

I don't even know looked at the thread. Maybe I was hoping for an inkling of humanity? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

My thoughts

I'm considering checking out from ALL SOCIAL MEDIA. I wonder if the perks (sense of community, networking opportunities, learning from amazing folks) are worth dealing with the things I don't care about. I want to hear about so many things.

  • Great new podcasts from people struggling with their Productivity
  • Podcasts of people that are so in love with a topic that they will wax poetic to an audience of 4 on a regular basis
  • Cats doing amazing tricks
  • Videos of people failing so hard
  • Great Tutorials on Minecraft Redstone Techniques
  • Comprehensive Guides on How to Make Amazing Coffee when you don't have a thermometer, gooseneck kettle
  • People motivation folks around them that are crying out for help
  • People crying out for help!
  • People that are openly doubt their knowledge but are still putting themselves out there because they hope people will support them.
  • People building things to learn and are wanting feedback
  • People Passionate about building automation tools to solve their unique and quirky problems

The guys at Internet Friends proposed a wonderful way that twitter would be more appealing.

"I want a social media service that lets people post all they want and the ALGORITHM gives you the best 100 posts that day."

To expand on that, I would love it so that you can only see the replies. If they are hateful, you can block them and never hear from them again. Most people only reply for attention so I doubt they would reply unless they really wanted to connect with you.

I've met so many wonderful people. I've seen so many wonderful things, and it's been because of social media, but I'm tired.

  • I'm tired of being sold to (and I'm a Marketer).
  • I'm tired of being told to yell at people.

I'm just SO TIRED. 😭

Dear Social Media Companies: I don't care about followers anymore.

Don't allow me to follow people, allow me to follow ideas and inspiration. 

I know this doesn't help your agenda. I know you don't care about me. I don't affect your bottom line. 

Don't you realize the pain you cause people? Does that mean nothing to you?

Another tear-filled, anxiety-stricken day. I'm exhausted. I feel I've aged 30 years in the last 10. I want respite, but at the same time, giving up all of this means losing connection all the wonderful people and benefits I can only find online through DMs.

I'm literally digging through mountains of excrement to find the occasional life changing connections.

I'm okay, I'm just disappearing for a while.

The perfect end to this rant is the exact response I would expect from my fellow millennials.

... OK BOOMER ...