My Life is a Tetris Board

23 Jan 2021 22:59 UTC-08:00

Hi! Your friend ADHD Tech Worker here to admit.

I think I may I'm addicted to work

When was the last time you tried to not think about things for a bit? I don't mean playing meditation music and trying to relax.

Instead, I'm referring to the idea of saying I have enough going on right now and I don't want to put more on myself. I'm often neglecting projects because I have other projects waiting. I'm almost always thinking, "I need to do something to prepare for this so I will sit these other things down to focus on this thing over here".

As I'm writing this. I can think of several things that I need to do instead. Here's a sample:

  • Record the Audio/Video for the PIT Show
  • Clean up the code around my blog
  • Do some work on Transcriptor
  • Do some work on Render Engine
  • Do some work on
  • Do some work on
  • Edit and finish another blog post
  • Clean my bedroom

But instead I'm writing you.

Sure finish this, I may open my notebook or a digital project manager and think about the best way to tackle any of these projects. Or I'll play Tetris. Tetris seems to have the same level of brain activity (or work) with less of the stakes. In fact my life is analogous to a game of Tetris where I'm constantly trying to spin activities and place them strategically in my life until I either fill the board (burn out) or complete a line (project) and open a little more space for the next batch of shapes.

Of the next piece is coming. I should probably do something with it.

Tetris Piece