My New Job and What that Means for All the Things I Do

17 Aug 2020 16:41 UTC-07:00

For the last 5 months1, I've applied for many Software Engineering and Developer Advocate Roles.

I'm happy to announce, starting next month, I will be working with Elastic as a Developer Advocate.

elastic logo

What About PIT?

Productivity in Tech means so much to me. I've been reassured that the work that I do with PIT can continue.

That said, I have made the decision will not be accepting new clients while I transition into this new role.

What About Your Projects?

You can expect a small reduction in new feature work2 while I'm adjusting to the new role. All the projects that I have been working on are Open-Source (MIT Licensed). everyone is welcome to make open source contributions to them.

What About Content?

The blog content will continue at it's irregularly-scheduled pace.

The PIT Podcast has enough episodes lined up for the rest of the year 3 There is no current plan to stop doing the PIT Podcast with the alternating format.

Elastic is aware of the other projects I co-host and has no intention in asking me to stop any of them.

My livestreams are currently going to continue on a 4-5 times a week pace. This could reduce if I start streaming on behalf of my employer. There are no official plans at the moment.

So Why Elastic

So I hope that I have shown you a little of the attitude and enviroment that Elastic presented to me. There were many amazing things about the company that made me happy to be considered for the role. But there was one thing they did very well.

They have a successful history of hiring outside of tech.

This opportunity came to me because of some wonderful people in the industry. I had amazing folks on my side, and I want to make sure that I can point folks to potential opportunities as as well. I want to work with companies that see folks from outside of traditional tech as valuable as classically trained individuals.

During the interview process, I had the pleasure to talk with several people at Elastic who, before working with the company, considered themselves non-techical. These were people in leadership roles. This showed me people have an opportunity to grow inside the company even if they lack the history that tends to be a gate preventing people from moving up in their career.

When can you See Me "At Work"?

Around the same time I accepted the position, I selected to speak at the PyGotham Virtual Online Conference to speak about Transcriptor. I will showcase how I using the Elastic Stack to make transcriptions easier for developers!

There is nothing to report on live-streaming, blogging, podcasting, or speaking on behalf of Elastic. There have been some conversations and there will be some opportunities. I am happy to bring my skills to the team in whatever ways they feel would make the best impact!

I look forward to the future with Elastic!

  1. I've been searching a total of 5 years but this most resent bout in the application ring started around April of 2020. 

  2. If you've followed me on social and on this site, this was coming anyway as I'm starting to develop more testing and documentation around my projects. 

  3. Of course we will wrap up the season when we break for the holidays.