name change for (Now Tech Diversity Orgs)

10 Jan 2022 20:59 UTC-08:00

This is a post mostly for archival purposes but today I renamed the diversityorgs project to Tech Diversity Orgs and moved the domain to The reason why is simple, cost.

The .tech domain is $50 to renew and the .com is $15. This doesn't seem like much in the grand scheme of things but you have to remember that TDO doesn't make money. This move cuts the annual cost by about 40%.

Tally: - Server Fees: $60/year - Domain: $50 $15

I do see a couple opportunities to save but at the moment having a dedicated server makes this project a bit more production-level. In the future I could see parts of this project evolving over time.

Also you may find a bug or missed area. My bad just let me know on the github repo (still under the original project name)