I Was Selected as a Mentee for the First Podcast Mentorship Cohort

14 Jul 2020 12:08 UTC-07:00

Source: https://www.podcastmentorship.net/mentees 🔗

I'm a firm believer that it is incredibly hard to be a self taught anything.

In fact one of the easiest ways to learn is sharing and learning from others.

That's why I'm happy to announce I'll be doing just that as a member of the first cohort of the Podcast Mentorship Program), imagined by the legendary Myke Hurley.

In a conversation on Analog(ue) Myke announced he was launching a mentorship program. I was hesitant to sign up as I've been podcasting for about 5 years now.

Here's something that I recently came to terms with thanks to a great conversation with Brian Douglas.

You need to let people help you.

Myke has a decade of experience in podcasting. Many of the people that I interview on the show have been doing what they are doing professionally for many years and have the experience of that journey to help them grow.

In my interview with Tom Merritt, he covers a secret to his success as a community builder and podcaster.

I worked for a company called Tech TV back in the early two thousands, which had an incredible community. I saw how a good community works there and at CNet tried to take a lot of those lessons that I learned there and bring them to creating content there and then doing the same a twit with Leo Laporte, who is also masterful at managing a community. Ah, and then by the time I got to daily tech news show, I felt like I knew the things to do to make sure that you had a fun, healthy community that was beneficial not only for your show but for the people in it.

We could all follow the steps of Tom here and get a string of jobs where you learn from years of experience or we can learn from their years of experience and shave off incredible amounts of time.

I look forward to learning with and from all of the amazing people (all who are at different places in their career).

Check out each of the members and their projects. https://www.podcastmentorship.net/mentees