Quickly Set Your Environment with Bunch and Alfred

01 Oct 2019 11:00 UTC-07:00

Bunch is an environment setup/teardown tool by the mad genius and yoga maestro of the internet Brett Terpstra.

Bunch uses small configuration files to quickly manipulate your desktop environment.

With it you can:

  • Open/Close/Focus Applications, Files, and URLs
  • Run shell and Applescript scripts to expand the functionality event more

Because I prefer to keep my hands on the keyboard and the Application's main method of use is the Dock, I opted to take advantage of Bunch's URL-Scheme.

x-bunch://open?bunch=[Bunch Name]

This plus smart use of the File Filter in Alfred's workflow feature allowed me to quickly setup an Alfred Workflow that not only lets you run your bunches but also lets you:

  • Display the Config File of the Bunch.
  • Edit the Bunch in your default application.
  • Refresh your Bunches (After making a change)

The workflow is available on Packal to modify via my Github Repo