The "Problem" with rewriting tasks in your Bullet Journal

12 Aug 2020 07:11 UTC-07:00

I was recently asked about the headache of re-writing things in my Bullet Journal. I have an interesting trick in fixing that.

I do the task so I don't have to write it down more than once or twice.

If I have to write it down more than twice, I must convince myself that is a task worth keeping. I do this by looking at how long a task will take. If less than 30 minutes, I do it on the spot.

This idea is like that of a Mitch Hedberg joke.

I sit in a hotel and think of something funny. When I think of something, I get a pen and pad and write it down. If I can't find a pen or pad, I convince myself that what I just thought of was not that funny1.

I often convince myself to do the thing instead of writing it down for the umpteenth-time. Alternatively, I strike it and say, "This isn't important".

  1. I have been struggling to find this quoted so I have to believe that I have Mandela Effected myself.