Things I Found on the Internet Recently! (Tifotir) - 08 Nov 2020

08 Nov 2020 21:36 UTC-08:00

Here are some things that I found around the web lately that I think folks will enjoy. No Affiliate links so if you are happy about these and want to support, then share the post with your friends or consider sponsoring all my projects!


Toast - Session Manager

I've tried many a browser session manager. Most of them are good and bad in their own way. Toast is another attempt at one. Luckily it checks all the boxes and is a great way for me to export lists when I'm doing research. Here are the important features:

  • Cross Browser
  • A Sustainable Business Model
  • The ability to add to existing sessions
  • The ability to edit and rename tabs in sessions
  • The ability to rename sessions

Toast Example

I think that this has some unique features that may work well with tools like Hook as each session has it's own unique link that you can share.


I think that video is in many ways better than writing out steps (except for accessibility).

I was originally going to use t-rec which I got from one of Brett Terpstra's Webscursions, but couldn't get rust working with my setup and just couldn't be bothered.

[Asciinema] is a way to record your terminal session and share it with others. You can also use the replay feature to rerun steps on your local machine (Which I'm tempted to do as a new device setup script. I shared an example of how I look at how I visualize data from a few of my twitter lists using it.


I think that in the future my project will probably feature an Ascicast video showing how to use it.

Moment Magsafe Tripod Mounts


Moment Magsafe Tripod Mounts

I wasn't planning on getting a new phone until I saw this [Moment Magsafe Mount]. That combined with EpocCam (now owned by Elgato) makes a wonderful quick attach/detach mount webcam using my iPhone (well the future iphone 12 something I would own).

Struthless (YouTube)

[Struthless] is an awesome channel that I've found recently and have been watching a lot. Campbell Walker shares stories, insights and a kickass attitude that after watching I usually just hit the next one and keep going.

Here a great video about drawing a cat and a very similar feeling I have about distractions.


Speaking of YouTube, I've been trying to figure out better ways to manage YouTube.

[PocketTube] allows you to organize YouTube channels into groups and view recent videos that are in those groups.

Pockettube 2.0

This is great because I can find videos that all match a type that I'm feeling.

One downside to it is that is that you have to manually add each video, so I'm using a system like the Noguchi Method where I just organize a channel as I subscribe to it or visit a channel that I am already subscribed to. (I am subbed to over 900 channels. I don't have that kind of time...)