Benefits of a Family Gift Site

11 Dec 2021 23:53 UTC-08:00

I recently created

Here's Why:

Family asks me

My family is pretty extended between the 4 sets of parental units (including inlaws) and many of their grandparents still being around. Now when they ask me what I want. I can send them a list.

It's pretty easy to maintain

This list is built using Render Engine, GitHub, and Netlify. I plan to also update it via Bunch in the future.

It seems like a lot but really it's the same system this site runs on (but much simpler.)

Small Projects are Fun

Recently, Merlin dropped some more wisdom on DBF (Maybe it was the aftershow so sorry for stolen content).

Don't make a database for something a spreadsheet will do...

While the site contains neither, it is just some markdown files that I update and then run the script to push live (for now) I don't need anything too fancy.

At some point things will get more complicated but doing complicated things on simple things is much better than complicated things on complicated things.