My Coffee Page


I'm always on the hunt for new cofee to sip on.

This will be a landing page for coffee's that I've tried and things. There may be a coffee exclusive blog eventually but this is what's there for now.

⚠️ This page links to amazon and other shopping site. I likely have affiliate links.

My Current Setup


I have a Gaggia Classic Pro. It's been a great machine. I've only changed the spring to a 9-bar one but I'm looking to do more mods in the future.

I have the following Mods

Spring Mod

The Gaggia is a great machine but it's set to 15 bars of pressure. This means you have to use pressurized baskets. I've changed the spring to a 9 bar spring. This allows me to use unpressurized baskets.

Zhiqinge For Gaggia Classic PRO Mod Parts OPV Mod 9 Bar OPV Spring 2PC

Steps to install can be found at

Espresso Accessories

Portafilter and Baskets


Measuring and Organization


Pour Over

I use a Chemex. This is what I use to make coffee for myself and guests when I'm not making espresso.


I have two grinders that I use, one for espresso and one for pour over. This is mostly to prevent having to change grind settings and re-dialing in my espresso.

My Coffee Wishlist - In case you want to surprise me!


Previous Systems (Where I Started)