My Content Creation Standards for this Site and my Personal Brand

This is my personal blog that I have been running since before I was in the tech industry. That doesn't mean that I don't occasionally write or share about things that I'm doing at work.

Throughout my career I've been in different industries and have learned about several tools and platforms. Often me sharing things of my blog or microblog is to:

  1. inform you about the things I've learned so that you may learn about them as well
  2. give myself some future searchable tips in a style that my brain will pick up on quickly

Anything I talk about on my personal channels is based on my opinion and experience at the time it's published

Thoughts can change and if they do I'm more than happy to provide updates to those thoughts.

My employer has no say what I publish on my personal channels with the explicit exception to aggregation channels

Occasionally I will publish things on an account that is meant to be an aggregation channel. These are platforms like,, ALL SOCIAL MEDIA.

If our company is doing a blog series on YouTube, Social Media, or a Blog channel or network, I may publish from a personal account and have it linked to that aggregation, but this is my personal decision to do so.

Disclosures establish trust and I am happy to provide them

At the time of writing this, I'm working to implement a way to clearly disclose when I'm writing about things that I'm doing for work.

I write about things I'm interested in and I often work around things I'm interested in. That said while I may choose my employer's technology because of things like discounts, I will do my best to talk about the interesting bits in a way that could be applied to other technology unless it is about the company product in some way. (e.g. I can't really talk about bicep or azd in a way that it helps GCP users because it's meant for Azure.)

I hope this establishes trust in my content and clarity on how I promote content for myself and my employer.