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Hi! I'm Jay 👋

I am a:

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Microblog Posts

I posted my first blog post on the Elastic Blog: How to create a video tutorial

Nov 23, 2020 15:50 PM

David (A recent guest on the PIT Show) had an excellent conversation with Kourosh Dini about idea management.

It gave me some very NPR Productivity vibes.

Nov 09, 2020 08:35 AM

Things I failed at tonight: - Working on Book - Getting Newsletter Post Written - Billable work that I need to finsh to get paid - Finish Scheduling Podcast

Things I did do: - Two Blog Posts - Lot's of Tailwind Changes to site - Couple of good tweets

Can I sleep now?

sleepy duck

Nov 08, 2020 23:16 PM

A new idea for a podcast I'm thinking of of is the AntiProductivity Show (Working Title) where I talk with folks that play with Productivity tools to discover the weaknesses in their systems. It's like a productivity show but honest.

Nov 08, 2020 23:10 PM

I really wish that NvAlt(NvUltra) and Drafts allowed me to set keybindings so I could match them with my NeoVim Keybindings.

My brain always strikes the keys anyway now.

Nov 08, 2020 21:57 PM

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