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I enjoy letting folks know what I'm up to. I email people about 1-2 monthly sharing my thoughts and opinions on things.

It's also a great way to chat with me about thoughts, feelings and other things.

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You can now support my developer work in PIT through GitHub Sponsors.

Sponsoring my work helps me build more tools I use to help developer creators.


Because I'm not one to expose myself to the arguments, I release my thoughts about Hey and why I'm just not that impressed. On the PIT Bonus Feed.

To listen join the Productivity in Tech Slack channel 24 Hour invite link


Questionable Content Post for 12 Jun 2020

That's also what we call them. I have a long history of dating white girls. Now I'm happily married to one and we have a beautiful little light-skinned girl. I know the people that follow me don't have a problem, but I always feel obligated to let folks know I'm treat black folks that got a problem with that the same wy I do white folks...


And just like that if you already have the files that you are requesting, the quickstart will skip that step.


minor update to render engine. You can now quickly build your setup using render-engine-quickstart.

WARNING this will overwrite any that you have set up.

This should be fixed in some subsequent updates. That and a few other things.


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